Friday, 17 January 2014

Creating an iconic brand for a Tasmanian holiday resort - wow

Creating long lasting brands that represents the regional, Aussie (or wherever you are located) style and still up to date and ideal for communicating that YOUR BRAND IS BRAND NEW

Bonne Marque award winning branding agency excells in creating a mockup that grabs the attention of your audience.

The main reason for the general fascination with brands is their ability to provide the consumers an extra value in addition to what the product\service\company themselves can provide. A value which becomes the major motivation for consumers to desire the product. Everybody agrees about that, but from here on it becomes foggy. First of all, what is this value exactly? Also, how precisely is this value being added and incorporated into the brand? In this short article I attempt to provide a clear answer to both of these key questions and to suggest a workable approach to creating value added brands.

By way of introduction, let me say that strong brands are perceived instruments, means to achieve goals or benefits, in the consumer's mind. They arouse emotions because they are perceived as a source of something beneficial. The positive emotions are direct outcomes of these anticipations. Their various symbolizations (name, logo, font, emblem, etc') have little impact of their own. Their importance is mainly as identifiers of sources of already attributed and anticipated benefits.

The act of branding has ten different meanings which are ten different ways to create instrumentality or usefulness beyond the tangible benefits which the product/ service/ company themselves can provide.

Creating a conceived linkage to a tangible benefit

The most basic level of branding is creating a conceived linkage between the brand name and other identifiers and a tangible benefit. Huge brands like Pantene shampoo which promise to amend the six symptoms of unhealthy hair look, work in this level.

Forming a mental context

A "mental context" is a concept or an organizing principle which allows the consumer to conceive originally unrelated facts (such as: the various marketing activities of a company) as connected by a guiding intent or by some other common factor. For example: should you stumbled into a hotel like the "Hudson" or the "Royalton" in the heart of Manhattan, you are promised pleasure on different levels, but if you know you're in a "Boutique Hotel" your stay becomes a very different experience altogether.

Directing an experience

This is essentially a hypnotic effect, in some cases related to Placebo. The branding here is the creation of an expectation which alters the sensed experience and enables the consumer a richer experience than what the product alone can provide him with. For instance, the expectation that an energy drink like "Red Bull" will energize, makes the consumers feel a wave of energy beyond the physical effect of the drink.

Creating a means of self presentation

Here the branding creates a symbol with a meaning that is well known to everybody in a relevant group, which enables the consumer to characterize himself. The brand "ABSOLUT vodka" became a way for yuppies to signal their yuppieness to other yuppies and so became a huge success.

Creating a means to deliver a message

The branding role in this approach is to create a symbol of another kind, its meaning known for everybody as well. The diamonds giant "De Beers" made the diamond a means of expressing commitment, making the physical fact that a diamond is indestructible a metaphor for the lastingness of a relationship.

Building a social-cultural authority

The next branding approach is the creation of an authority which the consumers can use as a guide, to help them understand what's happening around them and to inform them which behavioral ways are normative, what will make them happier etc'. The brand "Apple" depicted the personal computer, not only as a working tool but also as a device for self expression and creativity.

Creating "a long hand"

In this approach, the branding is creating means for the consumer and empowering her to act for noble objectives and high purposes, which are important to her, but which she can't achieve by herself. The "Body Shop" network made buying a way for contributing to the preservation of the environment and helping people in need all around the globe.
Creating an Alter Ego

Here, the brand is a way for the consumer to behave (at least on a fantasy level) in a manner he would like to but doesn't dare, or isn't willing to pay the price for. The provocation of the fashion brand "Diesel" is made as if "in the name of" the brand customers. They can feel like they are provocative themselves every time the brand advertises one of its outrageous campaigns.

Building an "Emotional Gym"

Opting for our civilized and protected life style, we compromise (not once, happily) a lot of our possibilities as humans. We go to the gym to prevent the degeneration of our body which, in our life style, doesn't get to face the challenges it was designed for. Similarly, we watch movies and TV series' in order to "exercise" emotional skills which aren't legitimate in our life style. Brands like "Sicily" from "Dolce & Gabbana", allows us too to experience such emotional possibilities.

Facilitating fantasies

With only a fine difference from the previous approach, this branding approach helps the consumer to fantasize an alternative reality. The brand "Timberland" was designed as a way for consumers to fantasize about courageous adventures against the forces of nature.

The understanding of the different kinds of added value, the ways by which these values are instrumental to the consumer and the methods by which brands can be destined to be means for the consumer for achieving his goals, makes the difference between masterful creations of brands and amateur imitation which produces mere look-alikes.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Razor Reviews - Help my great friend for her great trip

She is my friend, Holly Williamson and if she dreams something up - happens quite often - she DOES make it real.

Now she wants a whole mission come true, chase round Europe for the breeze of history. Visit the charming places and show these to the world with a new slant of life. It will not be an oldschool travel guide but a personal touch and her own gourmet taste in architecture, art and more. So just read her Kickstarter project and if you have an eager desire to support her trip, don' resist the temptation.

What she  growing collection of books with a different feel and a different outlook on places. This year I want to get the Manchester, London and Paris projects finished showing these cities throughout the year through photography, art and review literature. I have plans next year for China, Amsterdam and would really like to fit in a Scandinavian country in one of the holidays too, possibly Christmas. The money from all you lot at Kickstarter will go to creating the Paris, London and Manchester books which will be completed and published end of December along with the completed artwork which will be featured in the book and then the originals available to buy as well as prints. Manchester will be finished by September, London by November and then Paris being the last to finish. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Why Tasmania?

Remember the funny sitcom Why Alaska? The same thing happened to us - why Tasmania? After a beautiful safari at Kruger Park, South Africa we decided to visit something same exciting.

Last year we got a chance to visit Lake St Clair. What a wonderful scenes of this lake we came across. The weather fortunately was very pleasant. The innovative displays of the Lake St ClairNational Park gave us great relief because the unmatched beautiful natural beauty, spread all over here was not to be ignored at any cost. We brought many eatables with us to Lake St Clair National Park so enjoyed a lot. We made fun and sang songs during our stay there. Day visitors have a number of contrasting walks to choose from. Whether walking to a lake, a mountain summit or an ancient rain forest we came across many beautiful scenes. How could we miss the chance of taking the snaps? We really didn't. We took snaps of the Lake St ClairNational Park and by the whole made our stay there an unforgettable experience. Still now, the memory of those days give us a great pleasure and mental relaxation.

  so it cam.

Tasmanian campsites

Some asked after the holiday if there is anything interesting to do over there. GOD YES! For a photographer it is heaven but for my family it was also a great, exciting holiday. There are many amazing family holiday resorts Tasmania to consider. This depends on whether you are looking for a resort that offers you complete luxury, fascinating sites and the best catering services. One of the most loved and highly considered resorts is Lake St Clair Lodge. Its close proximity to amazing tourist and fascinating areas makes it the number one choice for many holiday seekers. However, you also need to look at the amazing dishes offered by the catering department. Cottages are also available in this tiny island holiday resort. You will get Eco-friendly beds and breakfast resorts on the coastline and beach-side areas too to help you feel more comfortable. Choosing a great holiday resort helps you enjoy the amazing holiday experience in full just the way you wanted. This is no longer a dream as holiday resorts like Lake St Clair Lodge gives you precisely what you hoped for. Book early in advance, as it is one of the most sought after holiday resorts Tasmania. The pictures I took I keep adding

The kids favorite is animal shots:

Lake St Clair Lodge 2nd day