Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Razor Reviews - Help my great friend for her great trip

She is my friend, Holly Williamson and if she dreams something up - happens quite often - she DOES make it real.

Now she wants a whole mission come true, chase round Europe for the breeze of history. Visit the charming places and show these to the world with a new slant of life. It will not be an oldschool travel guide but a personal touch and her own gourmet taste in architecture, art and more. So just read her Kickstarter project and if you have an eager desire to support her trip, don' resist the temptation.

What she  growing collection of books with a different feel and a different outlook on places. This year I want to get the Manchester, London and Paris projects finished showing these cities throughout the year through photography, art and review literature. I have plans next year for China, Amsterdam and would really like to fit in a Scandinavian country in one of the holidays too, possibly Christmas. The money from all you lot at Kickstarter will go to creating the Paris, London and Manchester books which will be completed and published end of December along with the completed artwork which will be featured in the book and then the originals available to buy as well as prints. Manchester will be finished by September, London by November and then Paris being the last to finish. 

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