Sunday, 24 March 2013

Why Tasmania?

Remember the funny sitcom Why Alaska? The same thing happened to us - why Tasmania? After a beautiful safari at Kruger Park, South Africa we decided to visit something same exciting.

Last year we got a chance to visit Lake St Clair. What a wonderful scenes of this lake we came across. The weather fortunately was very pleasant. The innovative displays of the Lake St ClairNational Park gave us great relief because the unmatched beautiful natural beauty, spread all over here was not to be ignored at any cost. We brought many eatables with us to Lake St Clair National Park so enjoyed a lot. We made fun and sang songs during our stay there. Day visitors have a number of contrasting walks to choose from. Whether walking to a lake, a mountain summit or an ancient rain forest we came across many beautiful scenes. How could we miss the chance of taking the snaps? We really didn't. We took snaps of the Lake St ClairNational Park and by the whole made our stay there an unforgettable experience. Still now, the memory of those days give us a great pleasure and mental relaxation.

  so it cam.